November 08, 2020 2 min read

Lighting is a critical feature to set the mood in any room in your home. Your living room lighting is especially important because much of a family’s time is spent gathering there. The living room may be the space that hosts events from morning to evening, beginning with a cup of coffee and a good book as the morning light rises. Throughout the day, kids may play while parents read or watch TV. Families gather together in the evenings conversing about the day’s events.


It is typically the most frequented room in the home, and serves multiple purposes. Lighting plays a role in defining the character, creating aesthetics, and brightening up essential spaces for the variety of activities in the living room.

Therefore, it’s important to stage your living room with a variety of lighting features, moods, and correct placement. 

Table lamps in the living room can provide the soft, peripheral glow that offers a balanced combination of light without glare, perfect for gathering around the TV for your favorite shows. Overhead lights can be the perfect solution for putting together puzzles or stretching out on the floor to play with the children. For snuggling up with your favorite novel, a floor lamp with dimmable lighting or a table lamp placed on the end table provides just enough light for capturing every detail of your favorite book.


In addition to choosing the correct lighting to illuminate the flurry of activities and generate the required amount of light, it’s also important to consider matching your decor and color palette with your lighting choices. Living room table lamps can offer a plethora of colors, shapes, sizes, and shade styles. When decorating it’s often easier to choose your larger pieces of furniture, and finish the room by accenting with lighting fixtures that add the finishing touch. 

On occasion, you may fall in love with a particular living room lighting collection, and choose your furnishings around the lighting. While this can be particularly more challenging, it can also be rewarding, because the lighting you’ve chosen is so unique that it becomes the focal point of the room, and allows the furniture to become the subtle backdrop.

Living room lighting is not only to set the mood; it also provides functionality. Therefore, spend time thinking through the aesthetics and the practicality of the pieces you are considering. 

Some of your considerations might be:

  1. Do I need ambient lighting?
  2. Do I need perfectly placed task lighting?
  3. Am I looking for accent lighting?
  4. Is there enough recessed or overhead lighting in the space or does it need to be supplemented?

By asking these questions, and thinking about the activities the living room will host, you’ll be able to position table lamps throughout the room to accentuate existing lighting, set the mood, and illuminate the tasks you plan to accomplish. Table lamps in your living room are quite often the finishing touch to define the character and brighten up essential spaces.

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