March 20, 2018 1 min read

Rug pads provide a durable, long-lasting foundation. Not only do they add comfort and cushion to a rug, but they also protect floors underneath and help to prevent accidents by holding the rug in place. The proper rug pad can:

• Extend the life of the rug by reducing wear and tear between the rug and floor, and enhancing air circulation.

• Minimize rug movement, bunching and slippage.

• Add extra comfort underfoot by providing additional cushioning and support.

• Protect all floor types, including both hard surfaces and carpets.

Surya now offers seven rug pad types, including an outdoor rug pad. A rug pad can be rolled with a Surya rug prior to shipping for convenience (additional fee applies).

Standard Felted Rug Pad FlairD

Secure Grip Rug Pad FlairD

Lock Grip Rug Pad FlairD

Premium Felted Rug Pad FlairD

Luxury Grip Rug Pad FlairD

Support Grip Rug Pad FlairD

Outdoor Rug Pad FlairD

Pad Sizes Chart FlairD

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