January 13, 2021 4 min read

We finally escaped from 2020, and our homes show it. Where once home was a place you dreamed of going during the 9-to-5 grind, home post-2020 is a place where we spent more time in the last year than we spent in the last several years.

Which is why 2021 home decor trends reflect a new take on what it means to stay home.

In 2021, home is a functional space. And since travel remains a dream for many, home is also a place where you want to feel spoiled as well as cozy. So if you're ready to update your home and leave the uncomfortable, unhappy moments of 2020 in the rearview mirror, here's a look at some of the new home decor trends we can expect to see in 2021.

Go Dark

Who says you have to be light and airy all the time? In 2021, black is the new white.

Whether it's dramatic black, artsy charcoal, or rich, expressive jewel tones, dark colors are a great way to make a bold statement. The key to decorating with dark colors is to achieve balance. If a whole room is painted dark, use the furniture and accents to break it up and add interest. If you prefer neutrals, use texture to add interest.

Worried about looking too goth? You don't need to go all-in for black! Instead, you can use black trim as a dramatic accent.

Livable Luxury

2020 was the year we all stayed home. 2021 is the year we stay home in style.

Take the living room, for instance, which won a newfound appreciation from homeowners in the era of Zoom meetings. Where once your living room might have been the place to take guests, living rooms of 2021 are doing more--they have to feel good when you're on a Zoom meeting, but they have to look good too.

The answer is livable luxury. Think plush area rugs with bold colors and patterns, like this one. Or maybe a luxurious red throw? All complemented with comfortable seating and layered styling, of course.

High-Style Accents

This is where high-style accents come into play. Because your home is now your personal stage, accessorizing is at long last getting the attention it deserves. That means artful, Instagram-worthy details, like these contemporary vases, but it also means adding a personal touch, like a beloved art piece.

If you want a bigger statement, you can also reach for accent furniture. A coffee table or side table is a great place to start--just make sure it's functional as well as stylish!

Indoor Plants

Because 2020 was the year we all yearned for the joy of the great outdoors, 2021 is the year we bring the great outdoors to us.

Indoor plants are more than just a stylish statement. They're also good friends to have in your home since many plants go the extra mile to purify the air. Do your roommates do that? And if you're all about functional decor, you can grow an edible garden of herbs and vegetable plants.

The key to being a good houseplant owner is to do your homework before investing. If you've never owned a houseplant before, don't invest in a fussy creature like a fiddle leaf fig. Similarly, if you live in an apartment where sunlight is a thing that happens to other people, don't reach for a light-loving plant.

Dedicated Home Offices

Working from the kitchen table was cute when you thought you were only doing it for a minute. Now, unfortunately, we know better.

Which is why the home office is getting a fresh wave of appreciation.

First and foremost, you want a home office space that's comfortable but functional. You want to feel cozy, since you are still at home, but also you have to be able to walk in and get ready to work.

Among other things, that means investing in good lighting. Ideally, you should pick a spot with an abundance of natural light and supplement it with aesthetically appealing lamps. For example, if you've got a plant friend, why not supplement it with an organic wood table lamp?

If you don't have room for a separate space, you can get creative (and multifunctional) with the space you have. For some, that means turning a closet into a killer office. Wallpaper and well-adorned shelves, anyone?

Entertainment Spaces

Sadly for cinephiles, movie theaters are increasingly a thing of fond memories. And since staying in is the new going out, it's time to revamp your entertainment space--even if it's just for you and the cat.

For living rooms, that means investing in the quality you hope to get from a theater: a good screen, a quality sound system, and comfortable seating. In many cases, that may mean updating your couch for a more comfortable lounging situation, like an oversized L-shape with a big coffee table (the better to fit a bowl of popcorn, a bottle of wine, and the cat trying to get in both).

Want the Biggest 2021 Home Decor Trends for Your Home?

2020 was a hard year. We get it. But the fun thing about 2021 home decor trends is that we learned from the worst moments of 2020 and turned them into something that brings us joy every day. And while we don't know what 2021 may hold, you can take charge of what your home looks like.

That's where we come in, with stylish home decor that elevates your space from everyday to of-the-moment. So if you're tired of the same old thing, check out our departments to see what kind of style 2021 has to offer.

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