August 14, 2020 4 min read

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Your bedroom is meant to be the oasis of your home. It should be the place you retreat to at the end of the day to rest your body and restore your mind.

That said, does your room inspire peace and relaxation? Or, is it a blank space just waiting to be spruced up?

The bedroom wall art you select can make a world of difference. While everyone has their own personal aesthetic, the scenes on your walls should be ones that you'll love waking up to again and again.

Not sure where to start? With so many options online and in the store, it can be hard to find the perfect pieces. Today, we're sharing six tips to keep in mind as you shop for paintings, prints or photographs to adorn your room.

1. Measure Your Space

You've fallen in love with the perfect over-sized portrait to hang above your bed. You purchase it, anxiously await its delivery, and go to hang it. Then, you realize it's about a foot too long to position over your headboard.

Before you choose any piece, be sure to measure your wall space first. Do you want artwork that takes up most of that space, or a framed picture that you can center on the wall? Once you have your dimensions down, you'll be able to shop smarter and save yourself a headache down the road.

2. Consider Your Decor

You don't necessarily need all of the elements in your bedroom to complement and correspond with one another. In fact, there's a ton of beauty in an eclectic, curated space!

However, it is helpful to consider the theme and mood you want your room to set.



Surya Floral Patch Wall Art - RWL3057-3060



Do you have a floral motif established with your bedding and furniture? If so, an understated yet gorgeous piece like our Surya Floral Patch Wall Art would make an excellent addition. 

Or, do you prefer to decorate in bright, bold colors and fun geometric prints? An equally eye-catching abstract piece, such as our Surya Wylie Wall Art will fit in seamlessly on any wall.

There's no right or wrong choice here, only the one that speaks to you. Lead with your intuition and choose artwork that you'll love to admire, from sunrise to sunset.

3. Incorporate Your Personality

All art is subjective. What one person considers to beautiful, another might find distasteful. Instead of stressing over what your Pinterest board deems to be on-trend, shop for pieces that spark your interest and speak to your soul.

Are you someone who cherishes moments of quiet reflection? Our Surya Wescott Wall Art is a moody, introspective piece that would like right at home in your bedroom. A similar piece is our Surya Richland Wall Art, which features a nature-inspired lake scene. Both hand-painted items would make the perfect backdrop for calming meditation or early-morning journaling. 

Or, do you consider yourself to have more of a Bohemian or free-spirited personality?

Surya Stelle I Wall Art

A collection such as our Surya Steele Wall Art is a great way to express your artistic nature. This set of three framed ceramic plates adds a touch of easy elegance without feeling stuffy or too refined. You may also prefer our Surya Aquatic Wall Art which showcases overlapping geometric patterns of blues and yellows for a one-of-a-kind floral piece.

4. Think Outside Framed Portraits

Sometimes, the most beautiful wall art isn't traditionally art at all. Don't be afraid to venture away from the familiar and adorn your walls with other items, such as mirrors, metalwork, or even arrangements of your personal collections (think shells, letters, or even hats!)

Our top-selling Surya Joslyn Mirror is a fan favorite for a reason. Designed in an iconic, elegant shape with stunning metallic accents, it would stun on its own or look gorgeous grouped with another wall mirror, such as our mother-of-pearl  Surya Dayton Mirror.





5. Try Different Proportions

You might think that a smaller piece of art would get lost on a bigger wall, and sometimes that is the case. Yet, there are other times when breaking rules of proportions can make a beautiful statement and actually accentuate the piece.

As long as you have space, the same applies to filling up a wall with an oversized portrait that might seem too big for the room at first. Think about the impact it would make, especially if the artwork features an equally eye-catching design, such as the sizable starburst in our Surya Sandstone II Wall Art.

Remember: While measurements matter, you are free to design your bedroom wall art decor the way that you wish. This means that any rules on what will fit "best" in your space are entirely up to you.

6. Use the Color Wheel

Looking for artwork that will flow gorgeously with your bedroom wall color? If so, try taking a look at the Color Wheel. This is a universal tool used by artists and decorators alike to help guide color selections that contrast or complement each other.

Complementary colors are those located opposite from one another on the wheel, such as yellow and purple or red and blue. For a bright look, try choosing wall art in a shade that is complementary to your wall paint. This will provide a high contrast and help the piece pop.




For example, the bold yellows in our Surya Daffodil Delight Wall Art would look beautiful against a violet or royal blue wall!

Shop Our Selection of Bedroom Wall Art Today

Even if you're a self-proclaimed minimalist, you can still fill your bedroom with art that you cherish and adore. While the above tips can help guide your selection, remember that you're the one who will ultimately live with the pieces you choose. Let your personal taste lead the way and focus on artwork that you love.

When you're ready to get started, check out our wide array of bedroom wall art, as well as our decorative wall mirrors, accent pieces, and more. Then, shop our exclusive bedding collection to make your cozy space complete!