Surya Wescott Wall Art

Let your guests feast their eyes on an evocative, beautifully haunting art piece with the amazing Surya Wescott wall art. The fading, smoky whirl of aqua, gray, and white adds a hint of mystery to your space, while the thin, dark border creates a perfect frame for the print. Whether you're going to hang it horizontally or vertically in your living room or entryway, the stunning Surya Wescott wall art instantly transforms the aura of your home.

  • 36 in. x 48 in. frame offers versatile mounting options
  • Thin, dark border frames the art piece beautifully
  • Painted and digitally-printed wall art that withstands the test of time

Set up a dazzling centerpiece in any room in your home today with this Surya Wescott wall art, add to cart now!