Surya Aberdine Area Rugs Style ABE-8012

Is your home lacking sophistication and character? The dazzling Surya Aberdine area rug can drastically change the style of a room, turning it into a captivating oasis inside of your house. The striking design and pattern of this area rug is a reflection of the most current styles and will effortlessly take the center stage in your living room.

  • Intentionally distressed designs to represent a treasured antique and add a vintage yet modern feel
  • Machine-made to ensure quality and consistency
  • Custom sizing to make this the perfect fit for you
  • No shedding rug, making care and maintenance as easy as possible

Pick up this rug while supplies last and say hello to modern character and refinement!


Check this Aberdine ABE-8012 Area Rug from Surya on Vimeo.