Surya Medora Area Rugs Style MOD-1008

The captivating Medora rug is perfect for your elegant home. It naturally transforms and modernizes any living space with a striking contemporary geometric design. You will love the sense of relaxation that washes over you each time you step foot on the Medora.

  • Lovingly handcrafted with 60% viscose and 40% hair on hide
  • Made with smooth and silky viscose accents
  • Includes a comfy felt backing, rug pad recommended
  • Comes in four calming neutral colors: dark brown, camel, light gray, cream
  • No pile, thus hypoallergenic and effortless to clean
  • Available in custom sizes to fit your every need

Invigorate your decor with the striking design of the Surya Medora area rug today!